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Healthy people are more likely to lead happy, fulfilling, and productive lives. Our health is our greatest asset. Now you can comprehensively check your personal health and risk of developing disease, at your convenience, in under 10 minutes with Kiwi Health Check.

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Prevention is better than cure

Kiwi Health Check's online health check empowers individuals to assess their current health and future risk of developing disease. It is confidential, able to be done on any device at any time and delivers a personalised health risk assessment report that can then be discussed further with the General Practice team. Screening for over 50 of the most common causes of disease and death, Kiwi Health Check provides a thorough analysis in a culturally appropriate and Kiwi-centric way.

Chronic disease and cancer

Breast, Lung, Colorectal and Prostate cancer, along with cardiovascular disease are the leading causes of death in New Zealand. Those at elevated risk can be picked up by Kiwi Health Check.


Mental wellbeing

How we think and feel impacts on our overall health, and our overall health impacts on how we think and feel. Mental and physical health need to be checked together.


Keeping healthy

Health isn’t ‘one size fits all’. Kiwi Health Check personalises health advice, keeping the advice simple and relatable.


Encouraging ongoing relationships with Primary Care

Our GP, practice nurse and the wider primary care team have known us for years, and that relationship is invaluable. Kiwi Health Check assists your ongoing care.


Healthy employees Healthy culture Healthy business

Workplaces that prioritise the health and wellness of their staff report increased worker productivity, less time spent away from work, and fewer workplace incidents. A culture of health promotion within the workplace is a leading driver of employee satisfaction and retention.

Health and Safety

Identify health problems before they become workplace incidents


An annual health check that is affordable, comprehensive, done anytime and anywhere


Develop a workplace culture of health, employee investment and satisfaction

Promoting wellness

Support employees towards a healthy lifestyle and future

Kiwi Health Check supports individuals towards a healthy future.

By identifying disease risk today, strategies can be put in place to reduce the risk of becoming unwell tomorrow.

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